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At Deakin, all students’ learning experiences begin online. In CloudFirst, learning is reimagined and designed to prioritise the online learning experience, while ensuring the teacher led on-campus and online experiences are active and engaging.

Why CloudFirst?

CloudFirst enables Deakin to fulfil its promise to provide students with a brilliant education where they are and wherever they want to go

CloudFirst Learning Design

CloudFirst learning design operationalises Deakin’s policy on Premium Learning and Teaching

CloudFirst Multimedia Exemplars

CloudFirst uses high production-value learning resources to enhance student learning and engagement with learning resources that complements textual content

The journey so far








The CloudFirst Project began in 2018 as a two-year project with the goal of collaboratively co-designing high quality exemplar units across some of Deakin’s largest degrees, led by a purpose-built multidisciplinary team of experienced staff members with deep expertise and broad knowledge in areas such as educational design, multimedia creation, user experience, project management and IT development.

Over those initial two years, the CloudFirst team co-designed over 25 units in the Masters of Business Administration, Bachelor of Law, Masters of Education – Research Pathways, and Masters of Education – TESOL. The co-design processes between the CloudFirst team and faculty academics were iteratively refined and improved over time as the project progressed, resulting in the creation of numerous assets to support the transition of project innovations into normal teaching practice; including a CloudFirst Learning Design framework, unit site templates, self-paced capability building assets and learning design workshops that the wider university could use to begin their own CloudFirst journey.

From 2020 the CloudFirst team joined the Course Review and Renewal Project to continue the work of providing premium exemplar course and units, while expanding into new areas of strategic importance such as course hub sites, non-unit student support sites, and new capability building resourcing and training. In this period, the team has worked across discipline areas including Public Health & Health Promotion, Mathematics, Architecture, Data & Business Analytics and Indigenous Studies. During COVID lockdowns the team also supported the rapid pivot to teaching and learning online through targeted support and training.

2021 saw the CloudFirst Learning Design framework and unit site template become the default for the online portion of unit design at Deakin University, either applied ‘as is’, or adapted by faculties and divisions to suit their particular context. And from 2022 onwards, we will see this learning design model continue to evolve and expand in exciting new directions!

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